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Nguyen, HK ; Bonfils, E ; Auffray, P ; Costaglioli, P ; Schmitt, P ; Asseline, U ; Durand, M ; Maurizot, JC ; Dupret, D ; Thuong, NT

The stability of duplexes involving AT and/or G(4Et)C base pairs is not dependent on their AT/G(4Et)C ratio content. Implication for DNA sequencing by hybridization

Nucleic Acids Research 26 (18) 4249-4258

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Abstract :

Sequencing by the recently reported hybridization technique requires the formation of DNA duplexes with similar stabilities. In this paper we describe a new strategy to obtain DNA duplexes with a thermal stability independent of their AT/GC ratio content. Melting data were acquired on 35 natural and 27 modified duplexes of a given length and of varying base compositions. Duplexes built with AT and/or G(4Et)C base pairs exhibit a thermal stability restrained to a lower range of temperature than that of the corresponding natural compounds (16 instead of 51 degrees C).