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Boudvillain, M ; Pyle, AM

Defining functional groups, core structural features and inter-domain tertiary contacts essential for group II intron self-splicing : a NAIM analysis

Embo Journal 17 (23) 7091-7104

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Abstract :

Group II introns are self-splicing RNA molecules that are of considerable interest as ribozymes, mobile genetic elements and examples of folded RNA. Although these introns are among the most common ribozymes, little is known about the chemical and structural determinants for their reactivity, By using nucleotide analog interference mapping (NAIM), it has been possible to identify the nucleotide functional groups (Rp phosphoryls, 2’-hydroxyls, guanosine exocyclic amines, adenosine N7 and N6) that are most important for composing the catalytic core of the intron, The majority of interference effects occur in clusters located within the two catalytically essential Domains 1 and 5 (D1 and D5).