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Ducrocq, C ; Dendane, M ; Laprevote, O ; Serani, L ; Das, BC ; Bouchemal-Chibani, N ; Doan, BT ; Gillet, B ; Karim, A ; Carayon, A ; Payen, D

Chemical modifications of the vasoconstrictor peptide angiotensin II by nitrogen oxides (NO, HNO2, HOONO) - Evaluation by mass spectrometry

European Journal of Biochemistry 253 (1) 146-153

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Abstract :

Nitric oxide (NO) and angiotensin II an natural regulators of blood pressure. Under aerobic conditions, NO is transformed into its higher oxides (N2O4, NO2, NO/NO2 or N2O3) and oxoperoxonitrate (currently named peroxynitrite) by coupling with superoxide. Previous studies have shown that these reactive nitrogen species should be involved in vivo in the transformation of cysteine and tyrosine into the corresponding nitrosothiol and 3-nitrotyrosine. In the present study, attention has been focused on the relative reactivities of HNO2, peroxynitrite, and NO in the presence of dioxygen, towards the arginine and tyrosine residues of the peptide angiotensin II. Nitration of the tyrosine residue is clearly the main reaction with peroxynitrite.