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Duneau, JP ; Garnier, N ; Cremel, G ; Nullans, G ; Hubert, P ; Genest, D ; Vincent, M ; Gallay, J ; Genest, M

Time resolved fluorescence properties of phenylalanine in different environments. Comparison with molecular dynamics simulation

Biophysical Chemistry 73 (1-2) 109-119

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Abstract :

Time resolved fluorescence of the phenylalanine residue (Phe) alone and included in the transmembrane domain (TMD) sequences of the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) and ErbB-2 was studied using the synchrotron radiation source of light, and compared to molecular dynamics (MD) simulations. The fluorescence intensity decay is strongly sensitive to the environment. A mono-exponential decay was obtained for Phe amino acid alone in two different solvents and for Phe included in EGFR transmembrane sequence, with fluorescence lifetime values varying from 1.7 ns (EGFR) to 7.4 ns (Phe dissolved in water). In ErbB-2 transmembrane sequence three lifetimes were detected.