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Toth, E ; van Uffelen, I ; Helm, L ; Merbach, AE ; Ladd, D ; Briley-Saebo, K ; Kellar, KE

Gadolinium-based linear polymer with temperature-independent proton relaxivities : a unique interplay between the water exchange and rotational contributions

Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry 36 S125-S134

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Abstract :

Macromolecular complexes of Gd(III) chelates are widely investigated as MRI contrast agents. In addition to the potential increase in relaxivity, they have a further advantage over the Gd(III) chelates of an extended lifetime in the blood pool, which is necessary for magnetic resonance angiography applications. When designing macromolecular complexes of Gd(III) chelates, it is important to know how the parameters that determine relaxivity are affected in comparison with those of the chelate.