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Sodano, P ; Landon, C ; Ptak, M

A novel composite 90 degrees pulse sequence which provides distortionless NMR spectra and suppresses without destroying the water magnetization

Journal of Magnetic Resonance 133 (1) 194-199

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Abstract :

A novel 90 degrees composite pulse sequence which allows one to record 1D and 2D NMR spectra without disturbing the water magnetization is described. A home-written program was used to optimize the pulse angles for which the pulse sequence response fitted best the desired excitation profile, producing a neat and distortionless spectrum with a broad null excitation at the carrier frequency. The resulting pulse sequence was first evaluated using the simulation program "PENCIL" and then tested on two protein samples. A 3.5 degrees phase shift of the last pulse was required to cancel correctly the water signal. The pulse scheme was appended to a NOESY pulse sequence. Inspection of the water cross section revealed interactions between water and some protons of drosomycine, a small insect antifungal protein. (C) 1998 Academic Press.