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Tartier, L ; Spotheim-Maurizot, M ; Charlier, M

Radiosensitivity as support for the structure of a unimolecular DNA quadruplex

International Journal of Radiation Biology 73 (1) 45-51

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Abstract :

Purpose : To search for possible variations of radiosensitivity along a unimolecular DNA quadruplex and to use them as support for choosing one of the two possible structures proposed by NMR studies. Materials and methods : The probability of radiation-induced frank strand breaks (FSB) and of alkali-revealed breaks (ARB) at each nucleotide site along the oligomer AATTCGTGGAGCACC (T(4)G(4))(4), was determined by sequencing gel electrophoresis as has been previously described in the literature. The oligomer was irradiated as a unimolecular quadruplex (QS) or paired to its complementary oligonucleotide in a double-stranded B-helix (Ds).