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Brack, A ; Clancy, P ; Fitton, B ; Hoffmann, B ; Horneck, G ; Kurat, G ; Maxwell, J ; Ori, G ; Pillinger, C ; Raulin, F ; Thomas, N ; Westall, F

Search for life on Mars.

Biological Sciences in Space 12 (2) 119-23

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Abstract :

A multi-user integrated suite of instruments designed to optimize the search for evidence of life on Mars is described. The package includes : -Surface inspection and surface environment analysis to identify the potential Mars landing sites, to inspect the surface geology and mineralogy, to search for visible surficial microbial macrofossils, to study the surface radiation budget and surface oxidation processes, to search for niches for extant life. -Subsurface sample acquisition by core drilling -Analysis of surface and subsurface minerals and organics to characterize the surface mineralogy, to analyse the surface and subsurface oxidants, to analyse the mineralogy of subsurface aliquots, to analyse the organics present in the subsurface aliquots (elemental and molecular composition, isotopes, chirality). -Macroscopic and microscopic inspection of subsurface aliquots to search for life’s indicators (paleontological, biological, mineralogical) and to characterize the mineralogy of the subsurface aliquots. The study is led by ESA Manned Spaceflight and Microgravity Directorate.