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Maget-Dana, R ; Lelievre, D ; Brack, A

Surface active properties of amphiphilic sequential isopeptides : Comparison between alpha-helical and beta-sheet conformations

Biopolymers 49 (5) 415-423

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Abstract :

Poly(Leu-Lys-Lys-Leu) and poly(Leu-Lys) are sequential amphiphilic peptide isomers that adopt respectively an alpha-helical conformation and a beta-sheet structure in saline solutions and at rite air/water interface. The surface active properties of LKKL and LK sequential isopeptides containing 16, 20, and n residues have been compared in order to evaluate the contributions of the alpha-helical and beta-sheet conformations. Both have a natural tendency to spread at the surface of a saline solution and the values of the equilibrium spreading pressure pi(e) lie in the same range. When dissolved in a saline solution, alpha-helical peptides diffuse faster and adsorb faster at the interface than the beta-sheet isomers. From the compression isotherms of LKKL and LK peptide monolayers it is possible to extract parameters that characterize the behavior of alpha-helical and beta-sheet conformations : beta-sheet peptide monolayers are more stable and less compressible than the monolayers formed with the alpha-helical isomers. The LK peptides differ also by their high degree of self-association at the air/water interface. (C) 1999 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.