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Le Cam, E ; Culard, F ; Larquet, E ; Delain, E ; Cognet, JAH

DNA bending induced by the archaebacterial histone-like protein MC1

Journal of Molecular Biology 285 (3) 1011-1021

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Abstract :

The conformational changes induced by the binding of the histone-like protein MC1 to DNA duplexes have been analyzed by dark-field electron microscopy and polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. Visualisation of the DNA molecules by electron microscopy reveals that the binding of MC1 induces sharp kinks. Linear DNA duplexes (176 bp) which contained a preferential site located at the center were used for quantitative analysis. Measurements of the angle at the center of all duplexes, at a fixed DNA concentration, as a function of the MC1 concentration, were very well fitted by a simple model of an isotropic flexible junction and an equilibrium between the two conformations of DNA with bound or unbound MC1.