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Brunet, F ; Godin, F ; Bazin, C ; Capy, P

Phylogenetic analysis of Mos1-like transposable elements in the Drosophilidae

Journal of Molecular Evolution 49 (6) 760-768

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Abstract :

We have performed a phylogenetic analysis of 59,mariner elements in 14 Drosophilidae species that are related to the active Drosophila mauritiana Mos1 element. This includes 38 previously described sequences and 21 new sequences amplified by PCR from 10 species. Most of the elements detected are nonfunctional due to several frameshifts and deletions. They have been subdivided into four groups according to specific signatures in the nucleotidic and amino acid sequences. The mean nucleotide diversity is 4.8 0.1% and reflects mainly the divergence of inactive elements over different periods. Although this probably gives rise to occasional homoplasies between distantly related taxa, the elements of each species remain grouped together. Horizontal transfer, reported previously between D. mauritiana and Zaprionus tuberculatus, can be extended to Z. verruca, while the Mos1-like element of Z. indianus belongs to another group. Interpretation of the phylogeny leads to a comparison of the influence of common ancestral sequences and putative horizontal transfers.