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Girard, F ; Barbault, F ; Gouyette, C ; Huynh-Dinh, T ; Paoletti, J ; Lancelot, G

Dimer initiation sequence of HIV-1(Lai) genomic RNA : NMR solution structure of the extended duplex

Journal of Biomolecular Structure & Dynamics 16 (6) 1145-+

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Abstract :

The genome of all retrovirus consists of two copies of genomic RNA which are noncovalently linked near their 5’ end. A sequence localized immediately upstream from the splice donor site inside the HIV-1 Psi-RNA region was identified as the domain responsible for the dimerization initiation. It was shown that a kissing complex and a stable dimer are both involved in the HIV-1(Lai) RNA dimerization process in vitro. The NCp7 protein activates the dimerization by converting a transient loop-loop complex into a more stable dimer. The structure of this transitory loop-loop complex was recently elucidated by Mujeeb et al.