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Boutin, V ; Legrand, A ; Mayer, R ; Nachtigal, M ; Monsigny, M ; Midoux, P

Glycofection : The ubiquitous roles of sugar bound on glycoplexes

Drug Delivery 6 (1) 45-50

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Abstract :

Glycofection (transfection by using sugar-substituted polylysine) was assessed in order to provide an alternative to viral vectors for the transfer of genes into vascular smooth muscle cells, A rabbit vascular smooth muscle cell line (Rb-l cells) was selectively transfected by using glycoplexes (glycosylated polylysine/pSV2LUC complexes) in the presence of 10 mu M of the fusogenic peptide GALA, A sugar-specific transfection was obtained when the glycofection was conducted for 1 h with glycoplexes containing either a-Gal, a-Glc, a-GalNAc, ß-GlcNAc, or ß-GalNAc residues.