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Kichler, A ; Freulon, I ; Boutin, V ; Mayer, R ; Monsigny, M ; Midoux, P

Glycofection (TM) in the presence of anionic fusogenic peptides : A study of the parameters affecting the peptide-mediated enhancement of the transfection efficiency

Journal of Gene Medicine 1 (2) 134-143

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Abstract :

Gene delivery mediated by polyplexes such as DNA complexed with polylysine conjugates is limited by the low efficiency of escape of DNA from the endosomes. One of the strategies which favors the transmembrane passage of polyplexes consists of adding anionic amphipathic peptides capable of destabilizing membranes in an acidic medium. Although less efficient than replication-defective adenoviruses, fusogenic peptides increase the expression of the reporter gene by a factor between 100 and 1000 depending on the cell line.