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Mollet, L ; Fautrel, B ; Leblond, V ; Bergeron, F ; Merle-Beral, H ; Baumelou, E ; Hubert, P ; Debre, P ; Autran, B

Leukemic CD3(+) LGL share functional properties with their CD8(+)CD57(+) cell counterpart expanded after BMT

Leukemia 13 (2) 230-240

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Abstract :

Leukemic T-LGL (large granular lymphocyte) composed of clonal CD3(+)TCR alpha beta(+)CD8(+)CD57(+) cells were compared with oligoclonally CD3(+)CD8(+)CD57(-) lymphocytes expanded after BMT. Leukemic CD3(+)CD8(hl+)CD57(+) LGL showed several phenotypic differences such as an upregulation of CD16 and adhesion molecules (mainly CD11c, CD58 and CD54), activation markers and an exclusive CD45RA isoform expression. Unstimulated CD3(+)CD8(+)CD57(+) LGL from both leukemic and BMT donors spontaneously developed an ex vivo CTL-like CD3-redirected cytotoxicity but no NK cell activity. Different stimuli (PHA, PMA or rhlL-2) induced similar cytotoxic profiles after a 6-day culture involving a CD3-redirected lysis predominating over a low NK cell activity.