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Roussel, A ; Canaan, S ; Egloff, MP ; Riviere, M ; Dupuis, L ; Verger, R ; Cambillau, C

Crystal structure of human gastric lipase and model of lysosomal acid lipase, two lipolytic enzymes of medical interest

Journal of Biological Chemistry 274 (24) 16995-17002

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Abstract :

Fat digestion in humans requires not only the classical pancreatic lipase but also gastric lipase, which is stable and active despite the highly acidic stomach environment. We report here the structure of recombinant human gastric lipase at 3.0-Angstrom resolution, the first structure to be described within the mammalian acid lipase family. This globular enzyme (379 residues) consists of a core domain belonging to the a/ß hydrolase-fold family and a "cap" domain, which is analogous to that present in serine carboxypeptidases.