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Sy, D ; Hugot, S ; Savoye, C ; Ruiz, S ; Charlier, M ; Spotheim-Maurizot, M

Radioprotection of DNA by spermine : a molecular modelling approach

International Journal of Radiation Biology 75 (8) 953-961

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Abstract :

Purpose : To observe and explain the sequence-dependence of DNA radioprotection by spermine. Materials and methods : Sequencing gel electrophoresis was used to analyse the probability of frank strand break (FSB) induction at each nucleotide site. Molecular modelling of complexes of DNA with spermine molecules and of a curved electrically null DNA has been performed. Results : The effect of spermine on radiation-induced strand breakage varied significantly along the studied fragment. At low spermine concentration, some sequences were protected while others were unprotected. Molecular modelling calculations show that the most electro-negative sites are located in the minor or in the major groove of DNA. The positively charged spermine (Z = +4) Should preferentially bind to such sites. When bound in the minor groove, spermine triggers a reduction of the accessibility of radiolytic attack sites to OH radicals.