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Sy, D ; Durand, C ; Hugot, S ; Savoye, C ; Swenberg, C ; Charlier, M ; Spotheim-Maurizot, M

Sequence dependence of DNA radioprotection by the thiols WR-1065 and WR-151326

Theoretical Chemistry Accounts 101 (1-3) 114-120

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Abstract :

Sequence-dependent variations of DNA structure modulate radiation-induced strand breakage. Thiols reduce breakage by scavenging damaging radiolytic OH. and repairing sugar radicals. As shown by sequencing gel electrophoresis, WR-1065 radioprotection is modulated by sequence, whereas that of WR-1513361 a larger thiol, is more evenly distributed. Molecular modelling was performed on complexes of a 53 bp oligonucleotide (belonging to a natural restriction fragment) with one molecule of WR-1065 or WR-151326.