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Brule, F ; Bec, G ; Keith, G ; Le Grice, SFJ ; Roques, BP ; Ehresmann, B ; Ehresmann, C ; Marquet, R

In vitro evidence for the interaction of tRNA(3)(Lys) With U3 during the first strand transfer of HIV-1 reverse transcription

Nucleic Acids Research 28 (2) 634-640

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Abstract :

Over the course of its evolution, HIV-1 has taken maximum advantage of its tRNA(3)(Lys) primer by utilizing it in several steps of reverse transcription. Here, we have identified a conserved nonanucleotide sequence in the U3 region of HIV-1 RNA that is complementary to the anticodon stem of tRNA(3)(Lys). In order to test its possible role in the first strand transfer reaction, we applied an assay using a donor RNA corresponding to the 5’-part and an acceptor RNA spanning the 3’-part of HIV-1 RNA. In addition, we constructed two acceptor RNAs in which the nonanucleotide sequence complementary to tRNA(3)(Lys) was either substituted (S) or deleted (Delta).