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Platas, C ; Avecilla, F ; de Blas, A ; Rodriguez-Blas, T ; Geraldes, CFGC ; Toth, E ; Merbach, AE ; Bunzli, JCG

Mono- and bimetallic lanthanide(III) phenolic cryptates obtained by template reaction : solid state structure, photophysical properties and relaxivity

Journal of The Chemical Society-Dalton Transactions (4) 611-618

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Abstract :

We report here a structural and photophysical study of lanthanide monometallic complexes with the macrobicyclic axial phenolic cryptand N[(CH2)(2)N=CH-R-CH=N(CH2)(2)](3)N (R=m-C6H2OH-2-Me-5) L as well as of bimetallic complexes with its de-protonated form (L-3H)(3-). The X-ray crystal structure of [DyL(NO3)](NO3)(2). 2CH(3)CN . 0.5H(2)O shows the metal ion being asymmetrically positioned into the macrobicyclic cavity and bonded to seven donor atoms of L and two oxygen atoms of a bidentate nitrate ion. The X-ray crystal structure of the bimetallic cryptate, [Dy-2(L-3H)(NO3)(2)](NO3). 3H(2)O . MeOH, confirms that both Dy(III) ions are held into the cavity of the cryptand at a very short distance from each other, 3.4840(4) Angstrom.