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Paquet, F ; Maurizot, JC ; Lancelot, G

Changes in lac Operator dynamics upon selective interaction with lac Repressor as revealed by heteronuclear relaxation rate measurements

Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry 38 (11) 946-950

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Abstract :

Structural and dynamic studies of the lac Operator complexed with the headpiece of the lac Repressor are necessary to establish whether the two partners have pre-required structures or if folding is essential to induce the specific interaction. NOESY spectra of the 1:1 complex of half of the lac Operator 5’d(CGCTCACAATT)-5’d(AATGTGAGCG) sequence (selectively labelled with C-13 at C-1’), with the Inc Repressor N-terminal headpiece 1-51 yielded information about the contact points between the nucleic acid and the protein. The operator was selectively labelled with C-13 at the C-1’ position, allowing the measurement of C-13 relaxation rates as a probe of dynamic behaviour.