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Theilleux-Delalande, V ; Girard, F ; Huynh-Dinh, T ; Lancelot, G ; Paoletti, J

The HIV-1(Lai) RNA dimerization - Thermodynamic parameters associated with the transition from the kissing complex to the extended dimer

European Journal of Biochemistry 267 (9) 2711-2719

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Abstract :

Retroviruses contain dimeric RNA consisting of two identical copies of the genomic RNA. The interaction between these two RNA molecules occurs near their 5’ ends. A region upstream from the splice donor comprising an auto-complementary sequence has been identified as being responsible for the initiation of the formation of dimeric HIV-1(Lai) RNA. This region (SL1), part of the PSI encapisidation domain, can adopt a stem-loop structure. It has already been shown that this stem-loop structure can initiate the formation of two distinct dimers differing in their thermostability : a loop-loop dimer or ’kissing complex’ and an extended dimer. We report here a study using UV and 1D NMR spectroscopy of the dimerization of a short oligoribonucleotide (23 nucleotides) spanning nucleotides 248-270 of the HIV-1(Lai) SL1 sequence, in order to derive the thermodynamic parameters associated with the transition from the loop-loop complex to the extended dimer.