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De Diesbach, P ; Berens, C ; N’Kuli, F ; Monsigny, M ; Sonveaux, E ; Wattiez, R ; Courtoy, PJ

Identification, purification and partial characterisation of an oligonucleotide receptor in membranes of HepG2 cells

Nucleic Acids Research 28 (4) 868-874

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Abstract :

The low and unpredictable uptake and cytosolic transfer of oligonucleotides (ODN) is a major reason for their limited benefit. Improving the ODN potential for therapy and research requires a better understanding of their receptor-mediated endocytosis. We have undertaken to identify a membrane ODN receptor on HepG2 cells by ligand blotting of cell extracts with [I-125]ODN and by photolabelling of living cells with a [I-125]ODN-benzophenone conjugate. A major band at 66 kDa was identified by the two methods.