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Seveau, S; Keller, H; Maxfield, FR; Piller, F; Halbwachs-Mecarelli, L

Neutrophil polarity and locomotion are associated with surface redistribution of leukosialin (CD43), an antiadhesive membrane molecule

Blood 95 (8) 2462-2470

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This study analyzed the behavior of an antiadhesive membrane molecule, CD43, in neutrophil polarization and locomotion. CD43 cross-linking by antibodies induced neutrophil locomotion, with CD43 molecules clustered at the uropod of polarized neutrophils. In contrast, CD11b/CD18 cross-linking by antibodies did not affect either cell polarization or locomotion. Stimulation of suspended or adherent neutrophils with chemotactic peptide results in cell polarization and locomotion and a concomitant redistribution of CD43 to the uropod.