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Miled, N ; Canaan, S ; Dupuis, L ; Roussel, A ; Riviere, M ; Carriere, F ; de Caro, A ; Cambillau, C ; Verger, R

Digestive lipases : From three-dimensional structure to physiology

Biochimie 82 (11) 973-986

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Abstract :

Human gastric lipase (HGL) is a lipolytic enzyme that is secreted by the chief cells located in the fundic part of the stomach. HGL plays an important role in lipid digestion, since it promotes the subsequent hydrolytic action of pancreatic lipase in duodenal lumen. Physiological studies have shown that HGL is able of acting not only in the highly acid stomach environment but also in the duodenum in synergy with human pancreatic lipase (HPL). Recombinant HGL (r-HGL) was expressed in the baculovirus/insect cell system in the form of an active protein with a molecular mass of 45 kDa.