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Beaufour, M ; Cherton, JC ; Carlin-Sinclair, A ; Hamm, S

Delta(2)-oxazolines-1,3 and N-acylaziridines as potential proinsecticides of carboxylic acids - V. Direct thin-layer chromatography monitoring of the metabolism in locust tissues

Journal of Chromatography B-Analytical Technologies in The Biomedical and Life Sciences 761 (1) 35-45

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Abstract :

Modern thin-layer chromatography (TLC) was used for the evaluation of Delta (2) -oxazolines-1,3 I and N-acylaziridine VII structures, as potential proinsecticides of carboxylic acids III. Thus the unmasking(2) of the active principles III from Delta (2) -oxazolines-1,3 Ia-c and N-acylaziridine VIIc was monitored by spotting aliquots directly onto RP-18 TLC plates, without any sample pretreatment during in vitro assays performed in concentrated locust tissues. To achieve a good separation of carboxylate IIIa from endogenous components of the tissues, a short preliminary development with methanol or ion-pairing was necessary. From UV-TLC chromatograms (densitograms) it appeared that in a phosphate buffer at pH 7.4, the oxazoline Ia with a C-2 substituent devoid of alpha -ramification or alpha,beta -in saturation hydrolysed slowly into the corresponding beta -hydroxylamide VIa and intermediate aminoester Va.