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Hemmingsen, L ; Damblon, C ; Antony, J ; Jensen, N ; Adolph, HW ; Wommer, S ; Roberts, GCK ; Bauer, R

Dynamics of mononuclear cadmium ß-lactamase revealed by the combination of NMR and PAC spectroscopy

Journal of The American Chemical Society 123 (42) 10329-10335

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Abstract :

The two metal sites in cadmium substituted ß -lactamase from Bacillus cereus 569/H9 have been studied by NMR spectroscopy (H-1, N-15, and Cd-113) and PAC spectroscopy (Cd-111m). Distinct NMR signals from the backbone amides are identified for the apoenzyme and the mononuclear and binuclear cadmium enzymes. For the binuclear cadmium enzyme, two Cd-113 NMR signals (142 and 262 ppm) and two Cd-111m PAC nuclear quadrupole interactions are observed. Two nuclear quadrupole interactions are also observed, with approximately equal occupancy, in the PAC spectra at cadmium/enzyme ratios