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Szary, J ; Kalita, K ; Przybyszewska, M ; Dus, D ; Kieda, C ; Janik, P ; Szala, S

KDR promoter can transcriptionally target cytosine deaminase suicide gene to cancer cells of nonendothelial origin

Anticancer Research 21 (5) 3471-3475

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Abstract :

The KDR/flk-1 gene promoter is considered to be endothelial cell-specific. We show its activity in two cancer cell lines of non-endothelial origin : in murine L1 sarcoma and OVP-10 human ovarian carcinoma cell lines. KDR promoter-driven cytosine deaminase gene can be efficiently expressed in these cells leading to sensitization to 5-fluorocytosine, as demonstrated both in vitro and in vivo. Our results indicated that KDR promoter activity is not endothelial cell-exclusive and that this promoter can also be used to obtain specific expression of therapeutic genes in certain cancer cells.