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Barbier, B ; Henin, O ; Boillot, F ; Chabin, A ; Chaput, D ; Brack, A

Exposure of amino acids and derivatives in the Earth orbit

Planetary and Space Science 50 (4) 353-359

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Abstract :

Amino acids and amino acid derivatives were exposed to space conditions in Earth orbit as part of the ESA BIOPAN-2 mission to test the possible delivery of extraterrestrial biological building blocks to the primitive Earth. During the Biopan-2 mission, four proteinaceous amino acids (glycine, aspartic acid, glutamic acid and tyrosine), some amino acid esters and two peptides were exposed in Earth orbit for 10 days. Samples were exposed to vacuum and to solar radiation down to 120 nm both alone or associated with montmorillonite as dry films deposited on MgF2 windows. The compounds recovered after the flight were analysed in order to assess chemical degradation, racemization and polymerization.