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de Jesus, KP ; Serre, L ; Hervouet, N ; Bouckson-Castaing, V ; Zelwer, C ; Castaing, B

Crystallization and preliminary X-ray crystallographic studies of a complex between the Lactococcus lactis Fpg DNA-repair enzyme and an abasic site containing DNA

Acta Crystallographica Section D-Biological Crystallography 58 679-682 Part 4

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Abstract :

For protein-DNA complex crystallization, the choice of the DNA fragment is crucial. With the aim of crystallizing the 31 kDa Fpg DNA-repair enzyme bound to DNA, oligonucleotide duplexes varying in length, sequence, end type and nature of the specific DNA target site were used. Crystals of several protein-DNA combinations grew from solutions containing both polyethylene glycol and salt. This systematic crystallization screening followed by optimization of the crystallization conditions by microseeding led to crystals of Fpg bound to a 13 base-pair duplex DNA carrying the 1,3-propanediol abasic site analogue which are suitable for crystallographic analysis. Complete native data sets have been collected to 2.1 Angstrom resolution.