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Ruloff, R ; Toth, E ; Scopelliti, R ; Tripier, R ; Handel, H ; Merbach, AE

Accelerating water exchange for GdIII chelates by steric compression around the water binding site

Chemical Communications (22) 2630-2631

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Abstract :

The water exchange process was accelerated for nine-coordinate, monohydrated macrocyclic Gd-III complexes by inducing steric compression around the water binding site ; the increased steric crowding was achieved by replacing an ethylene bridge of DOTA(4-) by a propylene bridge ;double dagger in addition to the optimal water exchange rate, the stability of [Gd(TRITA)(H2O)](-) is sufficiently high to ensure safe medical use which makes it a potential synthon for the development of high relaxivity, macromolecular MRI contrast agents.