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Kieda, C ; Paprocka, M ; Krawczenko, A ; Zalecki, P ; Dupuis, P ; Monsigny, M ; Radzikowski, C ; Dus, D

New human microvascular endothelial cell lines with specific adhesion molecules phenotypes

Endothelium-New York 9 (4) 247-261

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Abstract :

Vascular endothelial cells recognize blood-borne circulating cells and allow them to extravasate in a tissue-specific manner. Because this property determines the selectivity of lymphocyte homing, it is fundamental in physiological as well as pathological processes (inflammation, autoimmune diseases, metastasis). As a tool to assess the molecular basis of endothelium selectivity, microvascular endothelial cell lines of distinct tissue origin were established. Endothelial cells, isolated from lymphoid tissues (lymph nodes and appendix) and from nonlymphoid immune sites-intestine, lung, and skin-were immortalized in vitro. Their general endothelial characteristics, such as the presence of von Willebrand factor (wWf), angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE), VE-cadherin, and the intracellular E-selectin, were preserved.