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Markai, S ; Marchand, PA ; Mabon, F ; Baguet, E ; Billault, I ; Robins, RJ

Natural deuterium distribution in branched-chain medium-length fatty acids is nonstatistical : A site-specific study by quantitative H-2 NMR spectroscopy of the fatty acids of capsaicinoids

Chembiochem 3 (2-3) 212-218

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Abstract :

Quantitative H-2 NMR spectroscopy has been used to determine the natural abundance site-specific H-2 isotopic content of 6,7-dihydrocapsaicin (1) and capsaicin (2). Prior to analysis, the fatty acyl moieties were released as methyl 8-methylnonanoate (3) and methyl E-8-methylnon-6-enoate (4), respectively. A marked and similar nonstatisitical isotopic distribution of H-2 is observed for both fatty acids. Notably, it can be seen that :