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Pichon, C ; LeCam, E ; Guerin, B ; Coulaud, D ; Delain, E ; Midoux, P

Poly[Lys-(AEDTP)] : A cationic polymer that allows dissociation of pDNA/cationic polymer complexes in a reductive medium and enhances polyfection

Bioconjugate Chemistry 13 (1) 76-82

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Abstract :

Polyplexes of high stability resulting from the condensation of a plasmid DNA by a cationic polymer are widely used to develop polymer-based gene delivery systems. However, the plasmid must be released from its vector once inside the cells for an efficient expression of the exogenous gene in the cell nucleus. We have designed a disulfide-containing cationic polymer termed poly [Lys-(AEDTP)] which allowed for the formation of polyplexes and the release of the plasmid in a reductive medium. The amino groups of polylysine were substituted with 3-(2-aminoethyldithio-)propionyl residues in order to have each amino group of poly [Lys-(AEDTP)] interacting with a phosphate DNA linked to the polymer backbone via a disulfide bond.