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Fajac, I ; Grosse, S ; Briand, P ; Monsigny, M

Targeting of cell receptors and gene transfer efficiency : a balancing act

Gene Therapy 9 (11) 740-742

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Abstract :

Vectors conjugated with ligands recognized by cell surface receptors are of interest for cystic fibrosis gene therapy since these vectors would allow cell-specific targeting. However, an efficient and specific uptake may be abrogated by a subsequent intracellular trafficking leading to an inefficient gene transfer. This has been shown for polylysine substituted with mannose residues. While mannose-specific membrane lectins are predominantly expressed at the surface of airway cells and mannosylated complexes are the most efficiently incorporated glycosylated complexes in these cells, mannosylated complexes lead to a low gene transfer efficiency because of an inefficient exit from endosomal compartments, a high accumulation in lysosomes and an inefficient nuclear import.