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Reuter, N ; Hinsen, K ; Lacapere, JJ

Transconformations of the SERCA1 Ca-ATPase : A normal mode study

Biophysical Journal 85 (4) 2186-2197

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Abstract :

The transport of Ca2+ by Ca-ATPase across the sarcoplasmic reticulum membrane is accompanied by several transconformations of the protein. Relying on the already established functional importance of low-frequency modes in dynamics of proteins, we report here a normal mode analysis of the Ca2+-ATPase based on the crystallographic structures of the E1Ca(2) and E2TG forms. The lowest-frequency modes reveal that the N and A(+Nter) domains undergo the largest amplitude movements. The dynamical domain analysis performed with the DomainFinder program suggests that they behave as rigid bodies, unlike the highly flexible P domain.