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Laus, S ; Ruloff, R ; Toth, E ; Merbach, AE

GdIII complexes with fast water exchange and high thermodynamic stability : potential building blocks for high relaxivity MRI contrast agents

Chemistry-A European Journal 9 (15) 3555-3566

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Abstract :

On the basis of structural considerations in the inner sphere of nine-coordinate, monohydrated Gd-III poly(aminocarboxylate) complexes, we succeeded in accelerating the water exchange by inducing steric compression around the water binding site. We modified the common DTPA(5-)ligand (DTPA = (diethylenetriamine-N,N,N’,N",N"-pentaacetic acid) by replacing one (EPTPA(5-)) or two (DPTPA(5-)) ethylene bridges of the backbone by propylene bridges, or one coordinating acetate by a propionate arm (DTTA-prop(5-)). The ligand EPTPA(5-) was additionally functionalized with a nitrobenzyl linker group (EPTPA-bz-NO25-) to allow for coupling of the chelate to macromolecules.