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Da Silva, P ; Jouvensal, L ; Lamberty, M ; Bulet, P ; Caille, A ; Vovelle, F

Solution structure of termicin, an antimicrobial peptide from the termite Pseudacanthotermes spiniger

Protein Science 12 (3) 438-446

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Abstract :

The solution structure of termicin from hemocytes of the termite Pseudacanthotermes spiniger was determined by proton two-dimensional nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and molecular modeling techniques. Termicin is a cysteine-rich antifungal peptide also exhibiting a weak antibacterial activity. The global fold of termicin consists of an a-helical segment (Phe4-Gln14) and a two-stranded (Phe19-Asp25 and Gln28-Phe33) antiparallel. ß-sheet forming a "cysteine stabilized aß motif" (CSaß) also found in antibacterial and antifungal defensins from insects and from plants.