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Barbault, F ; Landon, C ; Guenneugues, M ; Meyer, JP ; Schott, V ; Dimarcq, JL ; Vovelle, F

Solution structure of Alo-3 : A new knottin-type antifungal peptide from the insect Acrocinus longimanus

Biochemistry 42 (49) 14434-14442

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Abstract :

Insect peptides are key elements of the innate immunity against bacteria and fungi. These molecules offer remarkable properties : high efficacy, a low probability of resistance, limited toxicity, and immunogenicity. In this context, we are investigating several classes of peptides, and we have been successful in identifying biologically important classes of peptides and small molecules that will provide a stream of drug candidates for treating severe, life-threatening, hospital-acquired infections and other pathologies of high medical need.