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Maget-Dana, R ; Lelièvre, D

Alpha-helical or ß-sheet structure. A discrimating factor for peptide properties ?

Recent Research Developments in Biophysics 2 29-63

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Abstract :

This review is a general survey of the main physico-chemical properties likely to distinguish a-helical from ß-sheet structured peptides. After giving a few basic notions of protein structures, their hierarchy and the determination methods, it focuses on the secondary structures. A large part of the review is devoted to the parameters affecting the preferential folding of a peptide chain into an a-helix or a ß-sheet. The environmental conditions of peptide polymorphism in solution but also at interfaces are described. The interactions of both kind of peptides with lipid membranes and the ensuing biological properties are described in the last part of the review. The topic is illustrated, throughout the text, by the behaviour of natural or designed antimicrobial peptides.