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Epand, R ; Lehrer, RI ; Waring, A ; Wang, W ; Maget-Dana, R ; Lelièvre, D ; Epand, RM

Direct comparison of membrane interactions of model peptides composed of only Leu and Lys residues

Biopolymers 71 (1) 2-16

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Abstract :

We compared the properties of two peptides of identical size and amino acid composition, Ac-(LKKL)(5)-NHEt and Ac-(KL)(10)-NHEt. Both are amphipathic, but only Ac-(LKKL)(5)-NHEt is a potent promoter of negative curvature. CD studies performed in the presence of lipids confirmed that under these conditions Ac-(LKKL)(5)-NHEt forms an a-helix, and Ac-(KL)(10)-NHEt adopts a ß structure. We studied their binding affinity by centrifugation and isothermal titration calorimetry techniques. The Ac-(LKKL)5-NHEt bound to zwitterionic and anionic liposomes, while Ac-(KL)(10)-NHEt interacted mainly with anionic liposomes.