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Herlidou, S ; Constans, JM ; Carsin, B ; Oliviï¿1/2, D ; Eliat, PA ; Nadal-Desbarats, EL ; Gondry, C ; Le Rumeur, E ; Idy-Peretti, I ; de Certaines, JD

MRI texture analysis on texture test objects, normal brain and intracranial tumors.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging 21 (9) 989-993

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Abstract :

Texture analysis was performed in three different MRI units on T1 and T2-weighted MR images from 10 healthy volunteers and 63 patients with histologically confirmed intracranial tumors. The goal of this study was a multicenter evaluation of the usefulness of this quantitative approach for the characterization of healthy and pathologic human brain tissues (white matter, gray matter, cerebrospinal fluid, tumors and edema). Each selected brain region of interest was characterized with both its mean gray level values and several texture parameters.