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Kumar, VV ; Pichon, C ; Refregiers, M ; Guerin, B ; Midoux, P ; Chaudhuri, A

Single histidine residue in head-group region is sufficient to impart remarkable gene transfection properties to cationic lipids : evidence for histidine-mediated membrane fusion at acidic pH

Gene Therapy 10 (15) 1206-1215

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Abstract :

Presence of endosome-disrupting multiple histidine functionalities in the molecular architecture of cationic polymers, such as polylysine, has previously been demonstrated to significantly enhance their in vitro gene delivery efficiencies. Towards harnessing improved transfection property through covalent grafting of endosome-disrupting single histidine functionality in the molecular structure of cationic lipids, herein, we report on the design, the synthesis and the transfection efficiency of two novel nonglycerol-based histidylated cationic amphiphiles.