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Combredet, C ; Labrousse, V ; Mollet, L ; Lorin, C ; Delebecque, F ; Hurtrel, B ; McClure, H ; Feinberg, MB ; Brahic, M ; Tangy, F

A molecularly cloned Schwarz strain of measles virus vaccine induces strong immune responses in Macaques and transgenic mice

Journal of Virology 77 (21) 11546-11554

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Abstract :

Live attenuated RNA viruses make highly efficient vaccines. Among them, measles virus (W) vaccine has been given to a very large number of children and has been shown to be highly efficacious and safe. Therefore, this vaccine might be a very promising vector to immunize children against both measles and other infectious agents, such as human immunodeficiency virus. A vector was previously derived from the Edmonston B strain of MV, a vaccine strain abandoned 25 years ago. Sequence analysis revealed that the genome of this vector diverges from Edmonston B by 10 amino acid substitutions not related to any Edmonston subgroup. Here we describe an infectious cDNA for the Schwarz/Moraten strain, a widely used MV vaccine.