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Rondanino, C ; Bousser, MT ; Monsigny, M ; Roche, AC

Sugar-dependent nuclear import of glycosylated proteins in living cells

Glycobiology 13 (7) 509-519

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Abstract :

The nuclear import of proteins larger than M-r 40,000 depends on the presence of a nuclear localization signal (NLS) corresponding either to a short peptide sequence or to defined sugars. The sugar-dependent nuclear import was previously evidenced by using glycosylated proteins (neoglycoproteins) introduced into the cytosol of cells either by electroporation or on digitonin-permeabilization and was shown to be distinct from the peptide NLS-mediated pathway. In this work, we used a microinjection approach to compare the two nuclear import pathways in intact living cells. The intracellular localization of fluorescent NLS-BSA or Glc-BSA injected into the cytosol was analyzed by confocal microscopy. Novel differences between the two mechanisms were evidenced. First, Glc-BSA migrated less efficiently into the nucleus than NLS-BSA because of a cytosolic retention.