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Epshtein, V ; Toulme, F ; Rahmouni, AR ; Borukhov, S ; Nudler, E

Transcription through the roadblocks : the role of RNA polymerase cooperation

Embo Journal 22 (18) 4719-4727

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Abstract :

During transcription, cellular RNA polymerases (RNAP) have to deal with numerous potential roadblocks imposed by various DNA binding proteins. Many such proteins partially or completely interrupt a single round of RNA chain elongation in vitro. Here we demonstrate that Escherichia coli RNAP can effectively read through the site-specific DNA-binding proteins in vitro and in vivo if more than one RNAP molecule is allowed to initiate from the same promoter. The anti-roadblock activity of the trailing RNAP does not require transcript cleavage activity but relies on forward translocation of roadblocked complexes. These results support a cooperation model of transcription whereby RNAP molecules behave as ’partners’ helping one another to traverse intrinsic and extrinsic obstacles.