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Payan, F ; Flatman, R ; Porciero, S ; Williamson, G ; Juge, N ; Roussel, A

Structural analysis of xylanase inhibitor protein I (XIP-I), a proteinaceous xylanase inhibitor from wheat (Triticum aestivum, var. Soisson)

Biochemical Journal 372 399-405 Part 2

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Abstract :

A novel class of proteinaceous inhibitors exhibiting specificity towards microbial xylanases has recently been discovered in cereals. The three-dimensional structure of xylanase inhibitor protein I (XIP-1) from wheat (Triticum aestivum, var. Soisson) was determined by X-ray crystallography at 1.8 Angstrom (1 Angstrom = 0.1 mn) resolution. The inhibitor possesses a (ß/a)(8) barrel fold and has structural features typical of glycoside hydrolase family 18, namely two consensus regions, approximately corresponding to the third and fourth barrel strands, and two non-proline cis-peptide bonds, Ser(36)-Phe and Trp(256)-Asp (in XIP-I numbering). However, detailed structural analysis of XIP-I revealed several differences in the region homologous with the active site of chitinases.