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Begusova, M ; Giliberto, S ; Gras, J ; Sy, D ; Charlier, M ; Spotheim-Maurizot, M

DNA radiolysis in DNA-protein complexes : a stochastic simulation of attack by hydroxyl radicals

International Journal of Radiation Biology 79 (6) 385-391

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Abstract :

Purpose : To propose an improved version of RADACK, a stochastic simulation of radiolytic attack on DNA, that takes into account the reactivity of each amino acid of a specifically bound protein with hydroxyl radicals. To apply it to the natural lactose operator - repressor complex taking advantage of recently reported structures. To compare the obtained probabilities of DNA strand break induction with those calculated with the previous versions and with an experimental pattern of strand break probabilities. Materials and methods : Models of complexes close to the natural ones, derived from crystallography- and NMR-based structures recently available in the PDB databank, were used.