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Ongus, JR ; Peters, D ; Bonmatin, JM ; Bengsch, E ; Vlak, JM ; van Oers, MM

Complete sequence of a picorna-like virus of the genus Iflavirus replicating in the mite Varroa destructor

Journal of General Virology 85 3747-3755 Part 12

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Abstract :

Aggregations of 27 nm virus-like particles were observed in electron microscopy images of sectioned Varroa destructor mite tissue. The scattered occurrence of individual particles and accumulation of the virions in lattices in the cytoplasm gave an apparent indication that the virus replicates in the mite. Sequence analysis of the RNA of the purified virus revealed a genome organization with high similarity to that of members of the genus Iflavirus. Phylogenetic analysis of the polymerase showed that the virus was related most closely to Deformed wing virus (DWV) and Kakugo virus (KV) of bees.