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Genere, B ; Garriou, D ; Omarzad, O ; Grivet, JP ; Hagege, D

Effect of a strong cold storage induced desiccation on metabolic solutes, stock quality and regrowth, in seedlings of two oak species

Trees-Structure and Function 18 (5) 559-565

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Abstract :

Bare-root seedlings of pedunculate oak (Quercus robur L.) and northern red oak (Quercus rubra L.) were lifted in January and stored at 1.8degreesC, at 82% relative humidity, until their fresh weight declined by 33%. Root growth potential (RGP), fine root electrolyte leakage (REL), fine root water content (RWC), shoot tip water content (SWC), starch and metabolic solute contents in root and shoot, were measured just after lifting and after treatment. Survival of treated seedlings was also assessed in a field trial. RWC, SWC, REL, RGP were dramatically affected by desiccation during cold storage. In both species, root soluble carbohydrate level, inositol level and isocitrate level increased, whereas root starch level and shoot soluble carbohydrate level decreased. In northern red oak, treated seedlings had higher root contents of soluble carbohydrates, inositol and proline than in pedunculate oak. Moreover, treatment induced proline accumulation only in northern red oak roots. These differences could explain why field survival of treated seedlings was significantly better in northern red oak than in pedunculate oak.